Year 6: week beginning 17 May

Pnawn da pawb, I am very proud of how hard everyone worked last week on their character studies based on ‘The Snow Spider’.  We started our learning on the national Parks of Wales on Friday.  Everyone chose how to work and present their information.  We will carry on with this Monday and Tuesday.  For our … Read more…

Year 6: Problem Solving

Year 6 enjoyed a problem solving task this afternoon.  They had to pass a ball along some guttering as quick as possible.

Year 6: Week beginning 10 May

Pnawn da pawb, I hope you have all enjoyed your extended weekend.  We will be continuing with fractions this week.  Firstly, we will be changing the fractions to the same denominator, as we started last week.  Then we will start to add fractions.  Our R.E. this week is looking at the building and destruction of … Read more…

Year 6: People in Action

We used papier-mâché to make people in action.  We are very proud of our work.


Welly Wednesday  Unfortunately due to the poor weather forecast our Welly Wednesday visit to the forest school for tomorrow is cancelled but please bring your wellies and a waterproof coat to school so we can have Fresh Air Fun in the rain🙈😂 Mrs Phoenix and Mrs Jones Get

Year 6: Week beginning 4/5

Pnawn da pawb.  I hope you have enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend. I am so impressed with your papier mache from last week – they look fantastic!  We will finish painting them tomorrow.  We will finish our topic ‘Symud’ tomorrow, with some printing and evaluating our art.  We will also compose a piece of music … Read more…

Year 6: 25 Ebrill

Pnawn da pawb. I hope that you all have enjoyed another sunny weekend. I am very proud of how well you are all doing with our long multiplications.  We will be carrying on with these for a couple of days.  Following this, we will be ordering and adding/subtracting positive and negative numbers. In Science, we … Read more…

Year 6: Sketching

We have been busy this week sketching people moving.

Year 6: Week beginning 19/4

Pnawn da pawb! I hope you have all had a good weekend.  This week, we are starting our next topic, which will only last a few weeks – Symud (move).  We will be focusing on Science and learning all about forces.  This week, our focus will be gravity and how it affects objects.  We will … Read more…

Year 6: It’s a rap!

Yesterday , we planned and wrote an adaptation rap. Today, we performed it to another group.

Year 6: 12 Ebrill

Pnawn da blwyddyn 6,  I hope that you all have had a good Easter break.  We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for our summer term.  Let’s hope for some warm weather so we can do some of our learning outside in the sunshine! Our maths focus for the week is multiplying – … Read more…

News: Remembering Mrs Morgan

Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear. I’m sure you will want to join us in sending your thoughts and prayers to Mrs Morgan’s family on Easter Sunday, a year on from her passing. We remember her with smiles and … Read more…

Year 6: basketball

Year 6 have enjoyed playing basketball in the sunshine today.

Year 6: week beginning 22/3

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend.  Tomorrow is P.E. day, so don’t forget to wear suitable clothes – no jeans.  Please remember to bring in your reading books tomorrow so that we can leave them for 72 hours before changing them. This week, we will be carrying on with subtraction of decimals using different … Read more…

Year 6: Hoodies

As we are unable to do our usual glass workshops for our Year 6 leavers this year we have decided to purchase the leaver hoodies for all the Year 6 children.  We will be using the supplier that we have used in previous years.  As we will not have samples in school we are not … Read more…