Year 3: Friday Fun

Good afternoon, Pupils have had a lovely day. They had their jubilee celebrations in the afternoon with their crowns on which they’d made! They all seemed to have a really … Read more

Year 6: Jubilee Week

We have had a great week celebrating and learning about the Platinum Jubilee. We found out about the Queen’s contributions to the armed forces and how important her Majesty’s Christian … Read more

Year 2: Jubilee Celebrations

This week we have enjoyed our Platinum Jubilee celebrations. We have been extremely busy creating our own flags and salt dough crowns. We have created a fact file about the … Read more

News: A Platinum Jubilee Celebration!

We enjoyed time outside together in the sunshine for our Jubilee party. We had delicious cakes made by our lovely cook, a drink, ice lolly and lots of fun! 

Reception: Happy Half term!

We have had a fantastic term for the Platinum Jubilee, rounded off today with yummy cupcakes, drinks and songs with our friends this afternoon. 🤴👸🍰 We have learnt lots of … Read more

Nursery: Jubilee Celebration

We have had a super time this morning enjoying our Jubilee celebration 🎊, singing the Nursery rhymes we have learnt about Royalty, having glitter crown tattoos, enjoying our Jubilee cakes … Read more

Year 1: Friday 27th May

Wow! What a good start to our final day of celebrations. We had a whole school Zoom this morning which we always enjoy. Now, we are having a creative party, … Read more

Year 2: Reminder

Please remember that you can wear red, white or blue tomorrow for our Jubilee celebrations.  Diolch 

Year 4: reminder

Remember pupils can come to school tomorrow dressed in red, white and blue. We will be having our jubilee celebration party tomorrow afternoon. 

Year 6: Reminder

Pupils can dress in the colours red, white and blue tomorrow for our Jubilee celebrations. Diolch. 

Year 5: Talking Textiles

We are each using different materials to tell about a part of the Queen’s life. #Enterprising, creative contributors.


Just a reminder that children can come to school dressed in anything red, white or blue tomorrow for our final day of 👑Jubilee 👑celebrations 🥳 Please could you let the … Read more

Year 1: Reminder

Pnawn da, Just a quick reminder that we will not be having Fresh-air Friday tomorrow as it is the finale of our week of Jubilee celebrations. Tomorrow afternoon we will … Read more