Year 3: Next Week Summary

Welsh Week had been great. What a lovely way to end today with pupils performing their dance. As well as the dance being on Google Classroom, there are also videos … Read more

Year 3: Music Time!

Year 3 enjoyed putting some music to their ‘Red’ stories today. They had full reign of the instruments, choosing the ones to best fit the paragraph they were retelling. They … Read more

Year 3: Happy St David’s Day

Year 3 did really well today performing their dance in our special St David’s Day assembly! Many other staff complimented the class on how good it was. Mrs Leighton and … Read more

Year 3: Measuring length

Year 3 enjoyed their practical maths lesson this morning. They were measuring lengths using different equipment! This will help them during their maths lessons this week. This is a great … Read more

Year 3: Next Week Summary

Next week is Welsh Week! We’ll be finishing off our love spoons on Monday as well as practising further our dance (ready for St David’s Day on Friday) Otherwise we … Read more

Year 3: Story Maps!

Year 3 created a story map today linked to the ‘Red’ fairytale they have been reading. They will soon put actions with this. Doing this activity has helped familiarise pupils … Read more

Year 3: Friends for Life!

Year 3 have enjoyed doing more ‘Friends for Life’ work with Mrs Paxton, creating a bookmark with ideas to help with their wellbeing. They also practised their bubble breathing!  #HealthyConfidentLearners

Year 3: Summary of today/ First Week Back

Today Today’s been a great day!! We watched an animation which we discussed/ wrote notes about. This was loosely based around the fairytale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, giving them plenty … Read more

Year 3: Next Week Summary

Hi, Next week we’ll be doing some work on money in maths, including making amounts using different coins and adding/ subtracting money using our place-value skills. We’ll also be continuing … Read more

Year 3: Fairytale Cafe!

Year 3 enjoyed visiting the fairytale cafe! Pupils had to solve the riddles to unlock the fairytale. Then, after reading each of them with their peers, they recorded their thoughts … Read more

Year 3: New Topic – Fairytales!

Year 3 enjoyed their imagineering session this afternoon! They imagined they were in a forest, a forest full of muddle puddles, big trees and lots of things to see, hear, … Read more

Year 3: Next Week Summary

Next week we will be watching our Celts iMovies (Monday) which pupils have all been working very hard on today. We will also be continuing with our fractions work. At … Read more

Year 3: playing the ukulele!

Year 3 had a music workshop today with Mr Hardwick from Wrexham Music Co-operative. Pupils were introduced to the word ‘riff’ (repeated pattern of notes) and listened to songs with … Read more

Year 3: Fractions and Coding!

Year 3 enjoyed their practical maths lesson this afternoon. The focus was on fractions with pupils drawing shapes to show a half, quarter, etc and they also shaded shapes to … Read more

Year 3: Battle Ready!

Year 3 have enjoyed having their face/ hand/ arm painted this afternoon in blue paint to look like a Celtic Warrior. Coupled with their fantastic shields they look a frightening … Read more

Year 3: Today and Summary of Next Week

Pupils have enjoyed making their Celtic Shield’s this afternoon! On Monday they will have their picture with these (complete with blue Celtic patterns painted on their face/ hand if they … Read more

Year 3: Celtic Hillforts

Year 3 have been learning about Celtic hillforts today. One group then labelled a Celtic hillfort, another cut out and ranked the members of a Celtic tribe depending on their … Read more

Year 3: Trial and Improvement!

Pupils were doing a maths activity this morning involving trial and improvement. They had to organise the blocks on their sheet according to the criteria given. While it was tricky … Read more

Year 3: Next Week Summary!

Next week we’ll be learning about hillforts as part of our Celts topic as well as weapons that they used. In literacy pupils will continue writing explanation texts (linked to … Read more