Year 3: Next Week Summary

Next Week in maths we’ll be continuing doing rounding work in maths. We’ll also be moving on to subtracting using the counting on method. In our topic work pupils will … Read more

Year 3: Today’s Practical Maths

Year 3 did a practical maths lesson today, focusing on our skill for this week: to identify missing numbers on a number line. We did lots of whiteboard work and … Read more

Year 3: Next Week Summary

Next week in Year 3 we will be moving on to identifying the missing numbers on a number line in maths. We’ll be continuing with explanation texts in our literacy … Read more

Year 3: Thank You!

Thank you all for your Children In Need donations. It was great to see so many Pudsey costumes/ accessories. Your generosity is very much appreciated! Mr Steele and Mrs Leighton

Year 3: Next Week Summary

Next Week in maths we will be identifying and describing the properties of 2D and 3D Shapes. In literacy we will be continuing our work on explanation texts. We will … Read more

Year 3: Telling the Time

Year 3 have been learning how to tell the time this week. To start we are focusing on analogue time! Pupils have even made their own clocks which they will … Read more

Year 3: Next Week Summary

Next week in maths pupils will be doing some work on time, beginning with analogue and then moving to digital afterwards. In literacy we’ll be doing a new genre of … Read more

Year 3: Lest We Forget

To commemorate Remembrance Day, pupils did some lovely written work. Some did an acrostic poem, some a letter and others a piece called ‘We remember because…’ where they thought not … Read more

Year 3: Maths Sequencing

In Thursday pupils did some maths linked to our Celts topic! They sequenced the cards according to the dates given so they knew where the Celts fitted in within the … Read more

Year 3: New Topic Launch!

Today we launched our new topic – The Celts! Firstly the children watched a special episode of ‘Through the Keyhole’. The presenter explored someone’s house, finding lots of clues along … Read more

Year 3: End Goal Reached!

Year 3 were busy today finishing their ‘meal plan’ for Mr Steele – the final activity in our ‘Healthy Living’ topic. At the start of the last half term in … Read more

Year 3: Science Investigation Results

Today Y3 looked at the eggs in our science investigation from last half term. The pupils learned about what different drinks can do to our teeth, including staining and eventually … Read more

Year 3: Science Investigation

Year 3 have been carrying out their Science investigation this morning, aiming to find out the effect of different drinks on our teeth.  We used eggs to represent our teeth … Read more

Year 3: Saying Thank You!

Today is one of our special values days!  Year 3 had lots of ideas for what activities we could do to celebrate the value of thankfulness. Many decided on doing … Read more

Year 3: Prayer Stations

On Monday of this week pupils from Y3 enjoyed visiting the prayer stations. The value they were focusing on this time was ‘thankfulness’. Pupils were all very respectful and enjoyed … Read more

Year 3: Doubling/ halving

This morning Year 3 started with their doubling/ halving activities, the skill for this week’s maths lessons. After doing their ‘cold task’, (a selection of doubles/ halving without any support) … Read more

Year 3: Homework/ Next Week

This week in maths we’ve been recapping on times tables and using this to help with the corresponding division, e.g. 10 x 2 = 20, 20 / 2 = 10 … Read more

Year 3: Hot Seating!

This afternoon pupils were doing their hot seating based on The Twits. They all did very well, trying hard to stay in character. This was tricky due to how grumpy … Read more

Year 3: Today’s Maths

This morning Year 3 were practising their times tables (x5s and x10s), in some cases using these to solve trickier sums, e.g. 15 x 10 by adding 10×10 and 5×10 … Read more