Year 5: Talking Textiles

Our final work.  They look fabulous! #enterprising and creative contributors 

Year 5: Talking Textiles 1

We worked hard in groups to make our scene of Perseus. #enterprising and creative contributors 

Year 5: Week beginning 20 May

Pnawn da,  We have worked very hard measuring the radius and circumference of circles this week.  Next week, we will be ordering decimals on a number line and rounding.  We …

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Year 5: Week beginning 13 May

Pnawn da.  I have been so impressed with everyone’s hard work writing their own myths this week.  I am really looking forward to reading them in full.  Our Maths focus …

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Year 5: Our Spartan P.E session

This week, we did circuits in P.E. just like the Spartans in Ancient Greece. #healthy, confident individuals

Year 5: Week beginning 7 May

We have been very impressed with everyone’s presentations about their heroes.  They spoke clearly and with confidence in front of the class.  Our Maths focus next week is to find …

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Year 5: Freeze frames

Yesterday, we all chose a scene from Perseus and created a freeze frame.  This is our starting point for our art task, creating a textile collage of the key parts …

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Year 5: Week beginning 29 April

We have been working hard on our times tables this week.  This week, our focus has been multiplying by a one digit number.  Next week, we will be concentrating on …

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Year 5: Week beginning 22 April

Everyone has worked so hard this week.  We have all develop our confidence with equivalent fractions.  Next week, we will continue multiplying a 3 digit number by a one digit …

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Year 5: Reading

This afternoon, we read for pleasure.  We will start to do this every Friday afternoon. #ambitious, capable learners

Year 5: Launch

Yesterday, we launched our topic ‘heroes and villains’. As part of this, we are making Adobe web presentations to explain what heroes and villains are and give examples. Everyone has …

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Year 5: Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone.  We will be starting our new topic after Easter.  Maths focus will be finding equivalent fractions.  P.E. will be on Wednesday and Thursday as usual.  Please …

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Year 5: Visit to Ysgol Rhiwabon 1

We had a great time at Ysgol Rhiwabon on Wednesday. We learnt all about static and had great fun. Diolch to the staff at Ysgol Rhiwabon for inviting us. #Ambitious …

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Year 5: Periscopes

We enjoyed testing our periscopes  yesterday.  They are looked fabulous. Thank you to all parents for your support. We also have achieved our final marble for our reward. We will …

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Year 5: Week beginning 18 March

We have been busy with our new focus in Science this week – Light.  We have used the data logger again to see how much light travels through different materials.  …

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Year 5: Homework

Next week, we will making our bread using our own ingredients.  Each pupil will be bringing home a list of the items they would like to add to their bread. …

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