Year 5: 4 December

We have enjoyed starting ‘Christmas in the Victorians’.  Next week, we will continue with our letter to persuade Scrooge to celebrate Christmas.  Also, we will listen to more of ‘A … Read more

Year 5: Week beginning 27th November

Well done everyone for all your hard work this week.  We have persevered with some tricky Maths this week and enjoyed the challenges for our launch.  Yesterday, we used our pupil … Read more

Year 5: Launch

Today, we launched our new topic. Mrs Hodkinson set us escape room challenges (luckily, she let us out for lunch). We all showed perseverance and worked well in our groups. … Read more

Year 5: Week beginning 20 Novemeber

On Monday, we will be finishing ‘To infinity and beyond’.  We have enjoyed learning so many facts, developing our biography writing and composing our own music.  On Tuesday, we will … Read more

Year 5: Lanten workshop

We had a lovely time this afternoon making lanterns for the Nightingale House Lantern parade.  Year 5 are able to join the parade  if parents wish to take them (we … Read more

Year 5: Mars Rover

Our Mars Rover gave us a challenge today to design and make a way for an egg to land safely without cracking. We worked hard in groups this morning and … Read more

Year 5: Week beginning 13 November

Next week, we will be carrying on with doubling and halving to do our multiplication sums.  We will be reading and researching about our Mars Rovers and thinking about reasons … Read more

Year 5: Composing

This week, we have been listening to ‘The Planets’ by Holst. After this, we have begun to plan our compositions for a planet.  We will be carrying on with this … Read more

Year 5: Week beginning 6th November

Everyone has worked very hard this half term and I have been very impressed with all their work.  We have enjoyed learning all about our solar system.  We will be … Read more

Year 5: Prayer Stations

Tuesday, we visited the Prayer Stations. Diolch to our Criw Addoli for organising it. We enjoyed sitting quiet and reflecting. #Ethical Informed Citizens

Year 5: Papier mache

Monday, Year 5 enjoyed using papier mâché to make the planets.  Once these are dry, we will paint and display them in our class. #Enterprising, Creative Contributors 

Year 5: Week beginning 23/10

I was so impressed this week when I saw Blwyddyn 5’s Space Day, it was fantastic.  We shared good ideas for similes and metaphors for our space poetry and have … Read more

Year 5: Visiting the Church

This morning, we went across to our Church to look for symbols.  When we got back to school, we presented our photos in Pic Collage. #ethical Informed Citizens

Year 5: Week beginning 16 October

We have learnt a lot about the moon this week, including why it looks like it changes shape.  On NASA’s website, we looked at the surface of the moon which … Read more

Year 5: Space Dance

Year 5 are busy making a space dance in P.E. #healthy, confident individuals

Year 5: Week beginning 9th October

I am so impressed with everyone’s homework about the Brecon Beacons – well done Blwyddyn 5 and thank you to all parents for your support.  We enjoyed watching Mewn Cymeriad’s … Read more

Year 5: Art – sunrise and sunsets

We enjoyed painting a ‘wash’ of the sky and then adding  building and features using black paper.  #enterprising, creative contributors

Year 5: Week beginning 2 October

I am very proud of Year 5’s performance of our poem in Church – well done! Luckily, the sun has been out today, so we have been measuring  shadows every … Read more