Year 3: Next Week Summary

Unfortunately this week due to it being so busy we didn’t manage to start our new topic. On Monday it will start! Want a clue Y3 of what the topic is? It’s a continent and it begins with the letter A. On Monday you will see if you are correct!
In addition to this in maths we’ll be doing some more place-value work. This  includes recognising different ways in-which we may be asked to do something, e.g. knowing ‘What is 10 more than 14’ just means 14 + 10.
Pupils on Wednesday will be having a RSE lesson on appropriate and inappropriate touching and in R.E we’ll be looking at the Bible story of Baby Moses.
Monday will continue as our Swimming Day and Wednesday as our library day.
Don’t forgot to visit Google Classroom to check out the Adobe webpages pupils have made this week about Ruabon.
Have a great weekend,
Mr Steele