Year 3: Music Workshop/ G Classroom and Class Code

Year 3 had another super workshop today curtesy of Cana from Wrexham Music   co-operative. 
Pupils began by discussing what instruments belonged to the percussion family.
They then played their own makeshift percussion instrument (a bucket with some beaters!), hitting them to the tune of ‘We will Rock You’ by Queen. It sounded great!
Pupils then learned about polyrhythms. They then made one up based on their favourite foods, using the beaters to keep the rhythm. 
A video from this session will soon be available to view on Google Classroom.
ALL pupils have signed up to the Year 3 23-24 page and therefore do not need a class code. This has lots of lovely evidence on of the children’s learning, e.g. what they saw in Chester zoo. 
If you’re struggling to log in to access this page, please speak to me after-school or telephone school and I will be happy to help. Pupils should just need their Hwb username/ password. I can provide them with another copy of this if needbe.
Mr Steele