Year 6: New Topic Launch

Wow! What an incredible first week back!

On Monday we spent the day designing and building our own moving toys. We are hoping to have these sent home next week. IMG_3743.jpg

Tuesday – Launch Day! Year 6 were welcomed into the classroom with banners and daffodils everywhere. We used Jamboard to create more Pupil Power ideas to design our new set of activities for our challenge time. #AmbitiousCapableLearners

We then thought about the Welsh Government’s vision ‘Miliwn 2050.’ Our Government would like for there to be one million Welsh speakers in Wales by the year 2050. We thought about how we could help with this.  Syniadau da! #EthicalInformedCitizens

We started our still-life paintings of daffodils and began researching all about Daffodils. Did you know that there are more than 27,000 varieties of daffodils? We were truly amazed by all the interesting facts. #EnterprisingCreativeContributors


After lunch, Year 6 walked into their classroom to discover they had their own tea set ready for some taste testing. We enjoyed some delicious Welsh cakes and bara brith whilst waiting for their decaf tea to cool down. Flasus iawn!


We also introduced our poem ‘Fy Hoff Gem’ to be learnt ready for our Eisteddfod next Friday. #HealthyConfidentIndividuals

On Wednesday, Year 6 discovered that a new reading space had been built overnight.


The excitement of the week only grew stronger as we took part in a coding workshop where Year 6 built and battled their own robots. We were very impressed by the resilience in each group as there were no instructions to follow.


Next week: Reading books and maths homework will be sent home today. Homework is due on Thursday the 29th of February. The homework is adding and subtracting fractions which we have covered before and after half-term. 

We hope you all have a very well-deserved rest this weekend. See you all next week!

Mrs Keddie and Mr Kennard