Year 6: Weekly Round Up

This week started with an investigation to see which surface a coin would spin on for the longest. We found that the smoother surfaces, such as glass, were most suitable as there was less friction to slow the coin down. We have also been researching and writing about air resistance and where we can see and feel this force each day.  

In maths, we continued exploring how to solve the area and volume of different shapes. Including solving the area of triangles which involved halving odd numbers.  

On Wednesday, Year 6 had another session of challenges where more groups had a go at coding their own game on Scratch. We are very impressed with how quickly these digital skills are being developed.  

On Thursday, St Mary’s celebrated Santes Dwynwen Day. Year 6 got involved by learning the story and making cards to give to someone they love. This was followed by a golf session outside where we experimented with power and accuracy.  



This week’s Welsh lesson involved asking lots of questions and reporting back with the information in the 3rd person.  


Next week: New homework has been sent home on Thursday, along with blue reading books. They are both due next week on Thursday the 1st of February.  

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and get some well deserved rest!

Diolch, Mrs Keddie and Mr Kennard.