Year 4: Problem Solving

Year 4 have been busy doing problem solving in maths this morning! This afternoon we will be doing more problem solving, this time in P.E, followed by some festive Christmassy activities 🙂 Mr Steele

Year 4:Mendi Patterns

This afternoon two group painted their mendhi patterns onto their hands in Art based on their design. It was lovely for them to embrace this form of body art which of course originated in India! The rest of the pupils will do this tomorrow. Mr Steele

Year 4: Sinister Substances!!

Today PC Kim delivered an excellent session on harmful chemicals to Y4 pupils, e.g. those found in cleaning products and beauty products, and the importance of being careful around these! As always pupils found the lesson very helpful 🙂 Thanks PC Kim!

Year 4: Measuring Temperatures

Year 4 have enjoyed doing science this morning! They have been predicting and measuring the temperature of boiling hot water, room temperature and icy water, and will do the same in one hours time and after lunch. Keep up the good work pawb! Mr Steele

Year 4: Indian dance

As part of topic week, Year 4 practised and performed a dance routine based on the song ‘Jai Ho’, composed by A.R Rahman (Indian music producer). They loved it! I have attached a video on Google Classroom for parents/ pupils to watch of them doing this, along with this week’s homework. In the afternoon they … Read more…

Year2: Children in Need

We have had a busy day today learning about Children in Need. First we had to answer addition and subtraction problems up to 30 to crack a code to do with Pudsey Bear. Then we answered questions about Children in Need as our reading comprehension activity. During independent learning we have made Pudsey masks and … Read more…

Year 4: A Day to Remember

Please see the picture of pupils happily standing by the Remembrance Day Window display they all worked so hard on 🙂

Year 4: Making Bridges

As part of topic week, pupils today were given a tray of resources (sellotape, artstraws, card, glue and paper) to build a bridge. The aim was for their bridge to hold the most weight possible! Well done to all pupils, especially one group whose bridge held 1.4kg before finally giving way. Very impressive! Mr Steele

Year 4: Remembrance Day

Year 4 celebrated Remembrance Day by colouring in poppies, making 3D poppies using tissue paper, writing poems, writing poppy biscuit recipes, doing poppy craft and much more! They really enjoyed the activities and also the time to reflect on the magnificent people who have fought in wars. As expected, pupils observed the minute silence on … Read more…

Year1: Weekly Update

We have had an enjoyable first week back. We have been focusing on Bonfire Night this week. We have created posters to explain how to stay safe on Bonfire Night, we have created our own glittery firework pictures and yesterday we wrote an acrostic poem all about Bonfire Night. Next week we will be focusing … Read more…

Year 4: A typical day…. designing OUR OWN HOUSE!! :)

What a busy day we have had! This morning we were busy finishing off our recounts of a typical day of a child living in India! Next we completed our last two activities in our ‘Mystery of the Missing Sacks on Sports Day’ to find out who the culprit was! This afternoon we were designing … Read more…

Year 4: A busy afternoon!

Year 4 are still busy learning about India! This afternoon pupils were given a topic (e.g. fashion, sports, food, etc) to research about, using an iPad/ laptop, linked to India. After this they then mixed with pupils from other groups to find out information linked to their sub-headings. Pupils then used the knowledge they gained from this … Read more…

Children In Need and The Shoe Box Appeal

This year we are asking the children to dress in yellow or spots on Friday 13th November and donate £1 for Children in Need. Please send your donation in an envelope labelled ‘Children in Need’. Due to the current restrictions, we are changing the way we support the Shoe Box Appeal this year.   We … Read more…

Year 4: Overview for this week :)

Good afternoon! Pupils have had a lovely morning so far and have been busy solving a maths problem involving ice creams/ smoothies! They all did very well. This week I plan on going over times tables in maths (x6’s and x9’s) and also multiplying multiples of 10 by a single-digit number.  In Class Reader we … Read more…

Year 4: Midweek Update!

P’nawn da! Firstly, apologies for the lack of website updates so far. Thank you for being understanding about this. My Year 4 pupils have made the last few weeks a very positive/ happy time in school, despite the difficult circumstances. They have tried their best at all times and, most importantly, always remained positive!! Our topic … Read more…

News: Information

Dear Parents I am sure you have heard Wrexham is entering into a local lock down on Thursday. We have found some useful information from Welsh Government about what we can and cannot do. Please follow the link. More than ever, we need parents to social distance during collection and drop off and can we … Read more…

Year 4: Welcome Booklet

Please see attached welcome booklet for Year 4.  We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Mr Steele and Mrs Cheetham Welcome-Booklet-Year-4.pdf

Year 4: Your FINAL Home Learning Update :)

Home Learning Update 1) Class Reader For this week’s tasks YOU decide what you do!  You can either…  – Write a newspaper report (linked to Chapter 13) A pig has written the word ‘Terrific’ into a spider’s web! REALLY!! Your task is to write a newspaper report all about this momentous event! The locals haven’t … Read more…

Year 4: Home Learning Update

Good morning! Here are your two tasks: 1) Maths Ah, negative numbers!  These most often come up when talking about temperature.  Who has ever heard somebody say it is ‘minus’ a number, e.g. minus 2 degrees? Well, this is a negative number!  Spice-1-Negative-Numbers.docx Warm-up-Negative-Numbers-Pp-1.ppt Negative-Numbers-PP-2.pptx Matiau-cymraeg.ppt