Year 4: Homework

This week has of course been Olympic Week!
Schedule :
Day 1 – Opening Ceremony, Ball Skills (Dribbling ball between cones and score, chipping ball into hoops)
Day 2 – Jumping (Speed test, in and out using ladder, Practising different jumps).
Day 3 – Team Games (football and basketball matches where you had to pass to each other Also being A, B, C, D, etc and passing the ball to each letter).
Day 4 – Throwing (Javelin and practising throwing the tennis ball)
Day 5 – Closing Ceremony, Running and Hurdles
Your homework is to write about your favourite parts of the week, including why.
Two/ three paragraphs ideal, around 6-8 lines each.
If possible, please complete on Google Classroom by Tuesday.
Have a lovely weekend!!
Mr Steele