Year 4: Topic launch

The clues…

  1. Year 4 started today by drawing a map of a barn owl’s habitat using the coordinates and compass directions provided to them. They then use the map to pin point where pairs of barn owls may live.
  2. After break they were introduced to the story of Charlotte’s Web. Using the front cover and the blurb the pupils guessed what they thought the story might be about.
  3. After lunch the pupils were shown a variety of pictures showing animals and locations. The pupils had to travel like the animal to the location that they thought matched.

The topic…

The pupils put together all of the clues from the days activities to guess what our topic for this half term is going to be about. They discovered that our topic will be Amazing Animals and we will be learning all about habitats, conservation, food chains, creating branching databases and listening to Flight of the Bumblebee. The pupils will also have the opportunity to create their own moving animal.


Pupil Power…

The class then worked together to come up with activities linked to each area of learning for our challenges (missions) for this half term.