Year 4: Budgeting

This week year 4 have been learning about the importance of budgeting money. They were given a wage and had to spend it wisely to be able to afford things such as rent, groceries, unexpected bills and luxury items. They also had to work out how they could save money to buy things that they really want or need.  
This is what the pupils said after we had completed the activity :

I’ve learned that my parents can’t always say yes to buying me things because they have to save money.

I’ve learned that a lot of thought goes into how money is spent each month

I’ve learned that it is stressful trying to budget and make sure that there is enough money for everything that you need.

I’ve learned that it is important to save for the big things that you want instead of wasting your money.

I’ve learned the meaning of money doesn’t grow on trees.

I’ve learned that you should save your money instead of spending it straight away.

I shouldn’t moan when my parents don’t buy me what I want because money isn’t just there to spend on things for kids.

Da iawn Year 4. You have all learned some important life skills. 

#Healthy Confident Individuals