Year 4: Prayer Stations

Year 4 really enjoyed visiting the prayer stations this afternoon in the hall. Each station helped them focus on the importance of being kind, caring and compassionate. Pupils enjoyed writing kind messages for others, saying a prayer for different people and even experiencing how life would be like as a homeless person. Mr Steele

Year 4: Homework

This week pupils have been learning how to look after the environment! Your homework is to do something linked to this. You could write an acrostic poem, write a song/ rap, keep of diary of things you have done to look after the environment or write a story. Hand in date: Thursday 24th January.

Year 1

Hello, happy new year and we hope you all had a lovely Christmas. The children have enjoyed telling us all about their Christmas holidays and it’s been great listening to all of their news. Please could you send your children’s PE kits back to school this week so that we are ready for our first … Read more…