Year 4: Christmas Craft

Year 4 have been busy today doing Christmas craft! Without giving anything away about what they have been up to, I am sure you will all be pleasantly surprised when the children come home with their Christmas bags next week. See you all on Monday! Mr Steele 

Change to Isolation Period

Dear Parents As you have no doubt noticed the First Minister has stated that the Covid-19 isolation period has been altered.  This impacts not only all new isolations but also impacts on all pupils currently isolating. People should self-isolate for10 days if they: Received a positive test result for Covid-19 Have symptoms of Covid-19and are … Read more…

Arrangements for Last Week of Term

Dear Parent/Carer I hope this letter finds all of you well. We are all aware that these are extremely difficult times for all members of our community in Wrexham and we know that Covid-19 has impacted on many aspects of our lives. The purpose of my letter is to inform you of the impact of … Read more…


We are sorry but Welly Wednesday tomorrow will have to be cancelled ☹️ due to the building work next to the school. Mrs Phoenix and Mrs Jones Get Outlook for iOS

Year 4: Christmas has arrived!

Year 4 came into school this morning and were greeted by Christmas decorations galore! They all really enjoyed how it looked. Each Friday throughout December we will be busy doing Christmassy activities. I am sure pupils will really enjoy the activities I have planned! See you tomorrow  Mr Steele

Year1: Our Christmas Classroom Cheer

So on Monday our secret mission was to turn our classroom into a Christmas classroom. We have tried to spread Christmas cheer around our classroom by making snowflakes and paper chains. We have written Christmas messages and decorated our Christmas tree beautifully!  Well done Year 1!

Year 4: Problem Solving

Year 4 have been busy doing problem solving in maths this morning! This afternoon we will be doing more problem solving, this time in P.E, followed by some festive Christmassy activities 🙂 Mr Steele

Year 4:Mendi Patterns

This afternoon two group painted their mendhi patterns onto their hands in Art based on their design. It was lovely for them to embrace this form of body art which of course originated in India! The rest of the pupils will do this tomorrow. Mr Steele

Year 4: Sinister Substances!!

Today PC Kim delivered an excellent session on harmful chemicals to Y4 pupils, e.g. those found in cleaning products and beauty products, and the importance of being careful around these! As always pupils found the lesson very helpful 🙂 Thanks PC Kim!

Year 4: Measuring Temperatures

Year 4 have enjoyed doing science this morning! They have been predicting and measuring the temperature of boiling hot water, room temperature and icy water, and will do the same in one hours time and after lunch. Keep up the good work pawb! Mr Steele

Year 4: Indian dance

As part of topic week, Year 4 practised and performed a dance routine based on the song ‘Jai Ho’, composed by A.R Rahman (Indian music producer). They loved it! I have attached a video on Google Classroom for parents/ pupils to watch of them doing this, along with this week’s homework. In the afternoon they … Read more…

Year2: Children in Need

We have had a busy day today learning about Children in Need. First we had to answer addition and subtraction problems up to 30 to crack a code to do with Pudsey Bear. Then we answered questions about Children in Need as our reading comprehension activity. During independent learning we have made Pudsey masks and … Read more…