Year 6: PlayMakers

Sadly, the PlayMaker event today was cancelled. Some of our PlayMakers made this fantastic banner to take with us to Queensway, so we thought we would show it off on … Read more

Year 6: Weekly roundup/Next week

We have had a busy, but lovely week this week. We enjoyed our trip to Llandudno, a visit from PC Hulley and a fitness session with Liam. We also had … Read more

Year 6: Fitness session with Liam

The pupils impressed us with their fitness this afternoon, all of them running at least a mile, some almost 3 miles! Da iawn Blwyddyn 6. #HealthyConfidentIndividuals

Year 6: A lovely trip to Llandudno

We have had such a lovely day in Llandudno. The weather was great, and the children were very well behaved – da iawn pawb. We enjoyed our photography activities on … Read more

Year 6: A visit from PC Hulley

We had our final visit from PC Hulley today. She spoke to us about anti-social behaviour and the impact it has on others. A huge diolch to PC Hulley for … Read more

Year 6: Weekly roundup/Next week

This has been an exciting week for Blwyddyn 6. Pupils have spent time at the Secondary Schools they will be going to in September. It has been nice to hear … Read more

Year 6: Transition Day

Year 5 have had a wonderful day exploring the Christian value ‘Friendship’. We started the day by sharing fun facts about each other before playing a ball game to identify … Read more

Year 6: Prayer Stations: Friendship Jo

We enjoyed our final time at the Prayer Stations today. The theme is Friendship and being connected. We made ‘connected’ bracelets, posted prayers and decorated stones. A huge DIOLCH to … Read more

Year 6: PC Hulley visit

PC Hulley visited us today to talk about how we are similar and different. She also taught us a very special word : THINK. We must think before we say … Read more

Year 6: Weekly roundup/Next week

Year 6 pupils have worked hard again this week. They have written some beautiful poetry about lighthouses and some very persuasive letters to the Ministry of Defence. We enjoyed playing … Read more

Year 6: Weekly roundup

Pupils in Blwyddyn 6 have worked very hard again this week. We have been very creative, continuing to sew our cuddly toy designs and we also created lighthouse art, linking … Read more

Year 6: Boccia

We enjoyed our session of Boccia with Liam today.  #HealthyConfidentIndividuals

Year 6: Photograph in The Leader

The photographer has been and taken a lovely photo of the Year 6 Leavers today. He has advised that the photograph will be in the Leader on June 30th. 

Year 6: Weekly roundup

We have had a good first week of our final half term at St Mary’s. The pupils look fantastic in their hoodies. They have worked hard on finding averages in … Read more

Year 6: Bible story week

This week, we have shared the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. We realised that Daniel stood up for what he believed in and how his faith in God … Read more

Year 6: Yoga session

Pupils enjoyed a yoga session on Tuesday. Not only does yoga help our physical health, it can also benefit our mental health too, helping us to be more mindful. #HealthyConfidentIndividuals … Read more

Year 6: Visit from PC Hulley

We had a visit from PC Hulley on Monday. She shared ‘Griff’s story’ with us and talked to us about child exploitation. The pupils listened excellently and made some fantastic … Read more

Year 6: The end of another half term

This half term seems to have flown by -they do say time flies when you’re having fun! All pupils have done some fantastic work for our ‘Rhyfel a Heddwch’ topic … Read more