Year 6: Topic launch

Today we have launched our new topic… ‘Symud!’ We will be thinking about 3 big questions:
-How do things move?
-Why should we move?
-How can we capture movement?
When pupils arrived in class today, they found that they had no chairs to sit on! We spent the whole morning, standing and moving, doing workouts, just dance and thinking about why it is so important that we move our bodies. It is a shame that the weather wasn’t kind to us, but this just made us think about how we can still be active indoors!
Pupils used their ‘Pupil Power’ to share ideas, showing what they would like to learn about and what activities we might have in our challenge areas this half term. They came up with some fantastic ideas. 
We also talked about the 5 ways to wellbeing – this half term, our focus will be the letter A from ‘MAGIC’ which stands for ‘Active.’ This ties in so well with our topic. Pupils have taken on the role of ‘Active Ambassadors,’ coming up with lots of great ideas for how everyone at St Mary’s can keep active – staff included! We look forward to them sharing their ideas in due course. 
Pupils ended the day with an active session in the hall too – they should sleep well tonight! I’m sure they will still be ready for a fun PE session with Liam tomorrow morning!