Year 3: Reminder

Just a reminder that pupils will be making their sandwiches tomorrow and so will therefore need to bring in their ingredients. It will be helpful if they have something to wrap the finished sandwich in for carrying home. If you wish to butter the bread at home rather than send in butter/margarine, that’s fine. Also, … Read more…

Parents Evenings

The children will be coming home with letters about Parents Evening but if you misplace your letter please print off this letter and send this to school with your preferred date and time. Thank you ________________________________ Parents-Evenings-November-2018.pdf

Year 1

In book bags this week is your child’s reading book and a sheet explaining our sounds and numbers that we have been learning. If you could take a little time to practise recognising and writing the sounds and numbers it would really help the children to remember them. Also, you can keep the sheets at … Read more…

Year 1

This week we have been incredibly busy and hard working! Yesterday we took part in thankfulness day and the children thoroughly enjoyed visiting their new prayer stations and thinking about what they are grateful for in their lives. I have added a picture of our bottle top flower which has been placed in our spiritual … Read more…

Year 3: Well done!

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone’s ‘Show and Tell’ this week. A big thank you to you all for preparing and bringing in your special items. You all spoke clearly and asked and answered questions well! Enjoy your weekend. See you Monday and don’t forget your outdoor kit! Mrs Burgess