Year 3: Light and shadows

We made sundials and tested them out outside in the sunshine. We also investigated how shadows move during the course of the day. 

Year 3: Our mosaic

Thank you for collecting bits and pieces when you have spent time outdoors. We added these to the kind donation made by British Ironworks and have created a mosaic of … Read more

Year 3: Next Week

We are fast approaching the end of term and the end of the school year – time is flying by!  Next week, we will be completing our fairy tale stories. … Read more

Year 3: Orienteering

We used a map to find markers to help us solve riddles, just like in the Dragonory story.

Year 3: Request

Next week, Year 3 pupils will be creating a mosaic outdoors. The mosaic will be of our school badge. This is for a competition being run by the British Ironworks … Read more

Year 3: Reminder

Please remember to bring a photo to school tomorrow, as mentioned in the website post on Friday and in our stream on Google Classroom early last week. Thank you!