Year 3: Next Week Summary!

Over the weekend please try to learn your assembly lines!
The assembly isn’t until Friday but if you can learn your lines for either Monday or Tuesday when we do our practise that would be great.
There are a small number of pupils doing some science experiments (linked to assembly). These pupils have been asked what they need and to write it down on some paper. If you could provide these for the pupils to bring in, that would be great. If you do not have any of the things, don’t worry as I’m sure we can workaround this.
Next week in maths we’ll be looking at word problems, including how to work out the correct maths operation to use (addition/ subtraction/ multiplication or division). We’ll also be doing some activities to do with our assembly. In literacy we’ll be looking at different non-chronological reports with the goal to eventually write our own (independently).
Apologies, as I gave the reading books out late meaning some pupils might not have taken theirs home. For those pupils, please read your own book over the weekend and take your school book home on Monday.
Have a good weekend!
See you on Monday!!
Mr Steele