Year 1: Weekly round up

We’ve had an explosive return this week to Year 1! As you will have already seen, we started the week with our erupting Volcano to launch our Dinosaurs topic. The children really enjoyed this as you will have seen from the launch post.

Also this week, we’ve been busy learning about alphabetical order. We had to put nine dinosaur names in order starting with Ankylosaurs all the way through to Velociraptor. This was tricky as some dinosaur names started with the same letter and we had to look to the second letter to find out which went first.

We have also been learning how to describe a dinosaur using similes. It was really lovely to hear all the ideas the children came up with. We thought about dinosaurs that were as scary as a ghost, as big as a tower or as mean as the Giant from our previous topic.

In Maths we have been learning to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We did this by filling in a 100 square and colouring in the relevant numbers. We looked for patterns to help us do this as well. We all worked really hard at this even though it was challenging to start with.

Finally, we had lots of fun out at Tree Top Thursday. We were on the hunt for dinosaur eggs! When we found one, we had to see if we could match it to one on our dinosaur sheet and record a video saying what we had found. We post our videos to Seesaw if you haven’t already seen.

Well done Year 1 on working so hard on your first week back. Have a lovely weekend, hopefully the sun will keep on shining. See you all again on Monday!

Mr Hall and Ms Scott