Year 3: Overview for Next Week


It’s been a lovely week. The pupils did really well singing the ‘Harvest Samba’ song in church this morning. Well done all!

Next week pupils will be writing the instructions to make their healthy sandwich on Tuesday and on Thursday they will need to bring in their ingredients to make their sandwich. The list of ingredients that pupils will need, as well as this week’s maths homework, can be found in pupils’ homework books.

Please note, if the ingredients are not okay (e.g. some pupils have put bacon which would need to be cooked beforehand and sent in cold) feel free to substitute for a different ingredient!

Next week we will also be comparing numbers in maths using the greater than/ less than symbols and constructing bar graphs to show Y3’s favourite sandwiches. We’ll also be continuing to learn about good food hygiene in one of the afternoon activities linked to our topic. In science we will continue learning about teeth, this time focusing on the structure of a tooth.

Have an AMAZING weekend!

See you on Monday,

Mr Steele and Mrs Leighton