Year 3: Next Week Summary

Next Week in maths we’ll be continuing doing rounding work in maths. We’ll also be moving on to subtracting using the counting on method. In our topic work pupils will be writing an explanation text about Celtic Roundhouses and they will also be learning about the ferocious Queen Boudicca!
Please bring in your costumes for the Christmas concert by Thursday at the very latest (ideally sooner if possible), as this is the day of our dress rehearsal.
This week’s been great! They have been busy identifying the missing number on a number line in maths. While all pupils tried hard it did prove a tricky concept to master. With this in mind, I have given a homework for pupils to complete on this. 
Have a lovely weekend all!
Remember that Christingle Service in on Sunday at 4pm 🙂

Mr Steele and Mrs Leighton