Year 3: Fun Friday!


We had a great problem solving maths session after break (see ‘mountain out of a molehill’ sheet). Pupils used the cubes to help work out the answer! This afternoon we had a fun PE session and Golden Time.

In line with today’s maths activity, pupils’ optional half term homework is to make a square with TEN mounds on each side. The key question: How many mounds should the moles dig?

You could use things like coins or cubes, counters to help you. Also, another challenge is to work out if each mound takes 13 seconds to dig, how long will it take to dig the whole square?

I’ve put an assignment on Google Classroom for you to put your answer and any photos.

Have a great half term! It’ll be a new topic during our first week back – All will be revealed!

Mr Steele and MrsLeighton