Year 3: African Dance Clothing/ Bracelets – PLEASE READ.


On Monday when pupils perform their Africa dance, please can they come in wearing red/ colourful clothing (depending on what tribe they’re in). If they are unsure what tribe they are in, wearing anything red is a safe bet.

Their usual footwear that they wear on P.E days will be fine, although if they have special shoes just for the dance they can bring them in a bag and change into them just before they start.

To clarify, the dance is just for the children/ staff from other classes to watch. The whole thing will be filmed and put on Google Classroom for all parents to watch if they wish! The bracelets will still be sold the following day (Tuesday 11th) which the pupils are REALLY looking forward to. **This will now be done on the Foundation Phase yard rather than in the canteen due to easier access**.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend,

Mr Steele and Mrs Leighton