Year 1: Weekly Round Up

A fun filled first week back here in Year 1! We have been busy getting stuck in to our new topic Jack and the Beanstalk.

At the start of the week we were busy learning all about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and talking about the rights and the wrongs of both the Giant and Jack. We then planted our very own magic beans which now sit proudly on our class windowsill. We have also been busy writing some instructions and an equipment list! Just in case anybody else wants to plant their very own magic bean. With our instructions they will definitely be clear on what they need to do!

In Maths we have been practicing counting forwards and backwards in 10’s. We did find this a little tricky to begin with, especially when the numbers weren’t whole numbers. However, I’m sure with some more practice we will get the hang of it.

In Phonics we have been learning our first trigraph. This is when three letters come together to make one sound! This week we have been looking at ‘igh’ and the sound it makes. We came up with lots of words containing this sound in such as night, high and flight. We did think of some other words such as ‘kite’ which has the right sound, but it wasn’t the right spelling. We then drew and wrote all the words we could think of on leaves to add to a beanstalk! Da iawn pawb

For the next few weeks there will be a slight change to the usual routine. We will be having our PE lessons on Thursday mornings instead of Wednesday afternoons. So, on Wednesdays please can children come dressed in their normal school uniform. On Thursdays we will still go for Tree Top Thursday in the afternoon. Therefore, can children please come dressed in clothing suitable for PE for the morning sessions and bring their wellies and puddle suits with them to change into. If there are any other changes to this I will keep you informed via the website.

Have a lovely weekend Year 1. See you again on Monday!

Mr Hall, Mrs Cheetham, Miss Powell and Miss Taylor