Year 1: Weekly round up

This week Year 1 have had a lots of fun and been working hard! In Phonics we have been learning about the ‘qu’ sound and thinking about words it can be found in. In Maths we have been looking at some 3D shapes. We went hunting around the classroom and discovered we can find these shapes everywhere! We also had fun in the sun searching our forest school area and found lots more 3D shapes. We’ve also spent time learning about different animal classifications and how we can work out which animal fits where. To celebrate safer internet day we had circle time and talked about what is and isn’t private information. We’ve also thought about how well we really know the people we speak to online. We all decided if we were ever unsure we should check with an adult first to be on the safe side.

Next week we’ll be learning a new sound in the form of ‘ch’! In Maths we’ll be having a go at counting in 2’s and we’ll also be taking a closer look at the Crocodile lifecycle. Love will be in the air for Valentines Day which fits well with our Values Day on compassion. We will be going down to the hall and visiting the prayer stations to find out more!

Have a lovely weekend Year 1!

Mr Hall, Mrs Cheetham, Miss Jones and Mrs Powell