Reception: Weekly round up!

Da iawn Reception for another fantastic week!🙂
 We have been busy learning about the changing seasons and have created some beautiful Autumn art work including puffy paint leaves, Autumn trees and even our own ‘Leaf Men’. #enterprising, creative contributors. 
We have been busy in phonics practising our listening skills by playing ‘Kim’s Game’ and the ‘Mystery box’. In maths we have been doing some careful counting to get the correct number of leaves on the tree. #ambitious, capable learners. 
We have enjoyed singing some songs about autumn leaves and prickly hedgehogs too! 🎶🍁We finished the week off using our hand made dancing scarecrows to accompany our scarecrow song. We loved making them and practising naming our 2D shapes too! 
Children have a new book to practise at home and I am impressed they are remembering the character names so well! Well done everyone! 
If anyone still has their Seesaw letter to return next week, then please do so.
 Next week, we will be busy looking more closely at Harvest time and we will be looking at patterns too! Welly weds will be as normal and PE on Thursday. 
Have a great weekend all. 🍂🍁🌈

St. Mary’s CIW Primary School,