News: Money Raised from Bracelets and Thank You’s!


Thank you so much for buying our African themed bracelets! You have helped Year 3 raise the money we need to adopt not one, or two but THREE African animals from Chester Zoo. In total we raised £195!

We had a special donation from The Cons Club in Ruabon of £90 which was incredibly generous, helping us reach this huge number. Mrs Conlan also baked us some animal biscuits as a ‘thank you’ for all of the hard work the pupils put in.

Pupils have decided on the African Painted Dog, the giraffe and the okapi to adopt (Search Chester Zoo: Adopt An Animal for more information on these animals). Furthermore, as part of the adoption we will receive three Chester Zoo admission tickets. Later this week all Year 3 pupils will be put into a hat and three will be chosen at random to receive a free ticket! They will then be given the ticket as soon as I receive it (probably September time).

Look out for the ‘Thank You’ plaques with our school name on to those who go to Chester Zoo in the summer next to the three animals mentioned.

Thanks again to EVERYBODY who helped us raise such a phenomenal amount.

Kind Regards,

Mr Steele and Mrs Leighton