Year 3: Summary of today/ First Week Back

Today’s been a great day!! We watched an animation which we discussed/ wrote notes about. This was loosely based around the fairytale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, giving them plenty of ideas for when they write their own. This afternoon we listen to a piece of music about The Gingerbread Man and responded to this.
In maths we were adding/ subtracting money.
Please complete the homework you have been given over half-term linked to this! (It mentions for one of the activities to cut out the coins – instead please just draw the coins you will need). You also have your reading books. 
If you wish to do extra work on money there are plenty of games on the Topmarks Website.
First Week Back
After half-term we’ll continue doing work linked to our fairytales topic. In maths we’ll be continue doing work on adding/ subtracting, specifically using the ‘column method’. 
Thank you everybody for your hard work/ continued support.
Have a lovely, relaxing week off!
Mr Steele