Year 1: Weekly round up

Another busy week here in Year 1! This week we have been learning all about the letter ‘Z’. We learnt that it makes the same sound as a buzzy bee! So, we had lots of fun buzzing round the classroom making the ‘zzzzz’ sound and flapping our wings to help us remember. We also had fun learning about some new symbols in Maths. We’ve been looking at ‘greater than’ > and ‘less than’ <. They both look like a crocodile mouth, only these crocs like to eat the bigger number which was a great way to remember which one was which! We’ve also had fun learning about and identifying alliterations from our class book Rumble in the Jungle. We found examples such as slippery snake, terrible tiger and chattering chimpanzees! Well done everyone, you’ve all worked really hard this week. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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