Year 3: Next Week Summary!

Next week we’ll be learning about hillforts as part of our Celts topic as well as weapons that they used. In literacy pupils will continue writing explanation texts (linked to the Celts) and in maths we’ll be going over doubling/ halving.
Please remember to bring your reading books/ records in (blue book) by Wednesday at the latest, giving us time to change it for a new one. If you are still reading a book, please bring in your reading record still so we can see how you are getting on.
While there is no other homework, soon (the week after next) pupils will be creating an iMovie – their last activity linked to the Celts. It will bring together everything you have learned from the topic. If you are fortunate enough to own an iPad, please have a go at using iMovie and getting used to the features. You could even try creating your own iMovie! This will help you greatly when you come to do your one in school.
Have a great weekend all.
See you on Monday!
Mr Steele