Year 3: Homework/ Next Week

I have given pupils a maths board game for homework.

This week we have been doing number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. This homework aims to develop this skill further.

Some game boards have numbers just up to 10, others have numbers up to 20 and some to 100. Depending on which your child has, the aim of the game (2+players) is to roll a dice, move the counter and say the number bond. E.g. if you land on 6 and you have a ‘number bonds to 10’ game board, you would say 4 as 6+4 = 10. Then it’s the next player’s turn and so on.

Next week in maths we are mentally adding/ subtracting numbers, in literacy we’ll be doing more instructions work as well as starting reading ‘The Twits’ and in the afternoon we will be continuing with our topic work. Indoor P.E, as before, is on Monday with outdoor P.E the following day.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend everybody.

I have really enjoyed another lovely week with Y3.

Mr Steele and Mrs Leighton