Year 3: Diolch/ Info about First Week Back


Thank you for a lovely week/ half-term Y3!

On the Monday/ Tuesday back the children will be finishing their meal plan from today (the final activity from our current topic) and they will take a look at the eggs as part of our Science investigation!

From Wednesday onwards we’ll be starting our new topic. I want it to be a surprise so all will be revealed on this day! I hope the children enjoy it as much as they enjoyed our ‘Being Healthy’ topic this half-term.

Have a nice week off next week!

It’s been a busy half-term and you all definitely deserve a rest.

I have included a quick homework. It should take around 30 minutes maximum.

See details below


Mr Steele and Mrs Leighton

Half-term homework

We have finished our ‘Being Healthy’ topic!

Since September you have learned many things. This includes what a balanced diet consists of, the farm to fork process of foods, the importance of buying locally grown foods, how to look after our teeth and the foods found in different countries/ religions around the world.

Your homework is to write down what you enjoyed from the topic, interesting things you have learned and how this has changed how you will do things in the future. It may be you will make more of an effort to brush your teeth, try to eat more fruit and vegetables or look at where the food you eat comes from.