Year 2: Weekly Overview

This week the children have been great! They have worked hard completing some activities on the Chromebooks and we had biscuits waiting for us at the end as a treat! In maths, we have been working hard with doubling and halving, we even tried solving word problems too. 
We launched our new topic on Monday by becoming bug hunters. We have then made our own symmetrical butterflies thinking carefully about what patterns we could paint. We have started to look at the different habitats that minibeasts like to live in. We look forward to exploring some of these on our trip on Tuesday.  In Welsh, we have used the language patterns dw i’n hoffi and dw i’n ddim yn hoffi, to say what minibeasts we like and do not like!
Next week we will be collecting information to input data into a graph to find out what Year 2’s favourite minibeast is. We will also be creating and performing our own pieces of music inspired by the Ugly Bug Ball.

Please remember Muddy Monday on Monday and book bags. Also, on Monday I will be posting more information about our trip so please keep an eye out for it on the website. 

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Thomas and Mrs Williams