Year 1: Weekly Round Up

The end to another busy week here in Year 1. The children have been working really hard on writing a description of either the Giant or Jack from our story ‘Jack and the Bean stalk’. They have been using special words called adjectives to help them to describe their character. Some thought that the Giant was grumpy and mean and some thought that Jack was sneaky and brave. We also wrote our final beanstalk diary entry this week. Some have grown really long and are nearly 100cm’s tall! In Phonics we have been learning about the digraph ‘ar’ and found it in words such as car, shark and farm. In maths we have been using number squares to help us add 10 to two digit numbers. We did really well with our practice for next week’s Sports Day which we are all looking forward to!

Next week the children’s beanstalks will be coming home with them on Tuesday. Please can the children bring a carrier bag in with their name on so that they can be safely transported home. Diolch.

Have a lovely weekend Year 1!

Mr Hall and Mrs Cheetham