Year 1: Weekly round up

The end to another busy week here in Year 1! This week the children have been busy sequencing events for a trip to the Jungle. We had to really think hard about what we’d do first and then what came next. We have also been having a go at doing some ‘Hot seating’. First we had to think of some questions we would ask a Jungle Explorer. We came up with lots of interesting questions such as, what is your favourite animal, how did you get to the Jungle and how do you get water from the river without being snapped up by a Crocodile?’. All very important questions. Then during Tree Top Thursday we role played being the Jungle Explorer whilst taking the Hot Seat. We had to think and act like we were the Jungle explorer to come up with the best answers. We all really enjoyed this activity and the children worked really hard, da iawn pawb!

In Phonics this week we have been learning all about the ‘or’ sound. We had a look at some words and had to work out if it was the ‘or’ sound or the ‘ar’ sound which we covered last week. In Maths we have been focusing on number bonds of 10. Some of us also had a go at some mixed number bonds below 10 which was really tricky.

To finish of this week, we have been painting some Jungle pictures inspired by Henri Rousseau. We looked closely at how he painted each leaf clearly, how his flowers were really big and how the animals were all in the foreground rather than the background. We’ve seen some wonderful paintings and it was lovely to see how hard the children were concentrating.

Have a lovely weekend Year 1, maybe we will see some more snow….. keep your fingers crossed!!

Mr Hall and Ms Scott.