Year 1: Weekly round up

This week Year 1 have all been working really hard. We have continued focusing on counting in 10’s in Maths. We have found a special song to help us count in 10’s and have loved dancing and sing along to it. In Phonics we have been learning all about the digraph ‘oa’ and learnt lots of word that contain that sound. We thought of boat, coat and float! We have been watering our magic beans (almost) every day and needed to do a diary entry to record how they are getting on. Sadly, none have sprouted yet but hopefully by next week we will see a few starting to poke through the soil! Fingers crossed! On Thursday we had a special visitor from Real PE who led our PE session. We had lots of fun pretending to be a cat and balancing bean bags on our backs! We finished off the week by designing a special Coronation stamp or coin! We talked about the things the new King likes and supports and tried to design one especially for him. Next week will be all about the Coronation. We will be doing plenty of craft activities to celebrate this special occasion.

Have a lovely extra long weekend Year 1! See you all again next Tuesday!

Mr Hall