Year 1: Weekly round up

The end to another busy week here in Year 1. This week we’ve had the mixing bowl out and have been squishing and squeezing ingredients together in order to make salt dough! We rolled the dough in our hands to make a ball, then squashed it down to make a thick cookie shape. This was the perfect base to press our favourite dinosaur toy into to make an imprint. Once we carefully peeled the toy away, it left the perfect dino shape that looks just like a fossil. We let them dry overnight so that they could be painted and decorated the following day. The children loved this activity and took great care in the making of their fossils. Pictures of these will be featuring in our upcoming assembly.
We have also been labelling some different dinosaurs. Each had different features to label. Some had teeth, some had claws, and some even had feathers! Speaking of features, we have been having a go at matching dinosaurs to their skeletons. We had to look closely at the skeletons to see if we could spot similar features to make sure we linked them to the correct dinosaur.
In maths we have been working on our mental addition. We have been having a go at adding 1 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers and writing them down in our books. We first rolled some dice to give us each number. We then remembered the bigger number in our heads and counted on to get the total. We did find this a little tricky to start with, but we could use a 100 square to help us if we needed it.
Today we had a special treat. Elodie brought in some fruit for the children to make some special dinosaur fruit skewers. They even had a claw made out of watermelon for the top! We all enjoyed eating these in the sunshine after lunch. I will post some pictures up on Seesaw for all to see. 
Everyone has been working really hard this week so well done to everyone. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you again next week.
Mr Hall and Ms Scott.