Year 1: Weekly Round Up

Another exciting week in Year 1! This week we have been super busy creating our missing poster for Superworm. We discussed how important it was to include lots of details and have an accurate picture so that people knew who to look for. We all did some fantastic writing and drew an excellent picture to go with it. In Maths we have been learning about ‘o’ clock and half past the hour. We now know that the minute hand is the long hand and the hour hand is the short hand. We discovered that ‘O’ clock was fairly straight forward but half past is a bit trickier because the hour hand points between two numbers! We also finished off our Superhero masks which looked fantastic! It was lovely to see the different creative ideas the children came up with. Sadly, we didn’t get chance to free Superworm from the ice this week but we will have a go at that next week. In Phonics we have been learning about the sound ‘ai’ as in rain sound. It was tricky to think of words with this sound in because there are other letter combinations that make the same sound. The children still did really well to think of lots of different word with the correct ‘ai’ sound in, da iawn! Thursday was our values day where we focused on our school value of forgiveness. The children did a lovely re-enactment of the story of the Unforgiving Servant up at Tree Top Thursday. Whilst there, they also found lots of worms and wondered if any of them could be Superworm. Maybe we won’t need those missing posters after all!

Next week we will be moving on to the ‘ee’ sound in Phonics. I think this might be another tricky one as it makes the same sound as ‘ea’. In Maths we will be having a go at adding 3p, 4p and 5p to amounts of money. We did really well recognise our coins so I am hoping we will be able to build upon that knowledge. We will also be doing plenty of Easter craft! We will be making an Easter basket that will contain a chocolate nest that we will also make. We will of course be learning about the Easter story and when we have Tree Top Thursday, we will have an Easter Egg hunt which I’m sure the children will enjoy. As mentioned, we will also be doing our experiment see if we can realise Superworm from the ice!

As I am sure the children have told you, they have worked really hard and managed to fill their marble jar which has earnt them a special treat! They have decided to have a Pyjama Party with a teddy. I have sent a note home with the children with all the details. We will have this party on Friday 31st March (Next Friday). Well done Year 1 on working so hard to earn this treat, you have done brilliantly!

Have a lovely weekend Year 1 and I’ll see you all again on Monday!

Mr Hall