Year 1: Weekly round up

Another busy week here in Year 1! This week we have been focusing on measuring using a ruler. This is in preparation for when our beanstalks start to sprout and grow tall. So, in Maths we had to order some beanstalks from smallest to tallest. We sometimes had to use our rules so we could tell which one was next. We also had a go at measuring some leaves from stem to tip to see which was the longest.

We have also been learning about adjectives to describe the Giant from our story. We came up with some great describing words such as huge, grumpy and mean. We also though that the Giant was ‘angry’ with Jack for taking his things. Some children did point out that the Giant was kind to his wife because she looked after him.

In Phonics this week we have been learning a new trigraph. This is when three letters make one sound and, in this case, we have been looking at ‘ear’. We found this sound in words such gear, fear and beard.

As we wait for our beanstalks to grow, we thought it would be an excellent idea to write some instructions for next year’s class to follow. That way they will know how to grow a magic beanstalk just like we are. This was tricky as we needed to use some new words. We needed to use some ‘time’ words such as first, next and then to start our sentences. We also had to use some ‘bossy’ words such as fill, cover and pour to tell the reader exactly what to do. We worked really hard on this and will need to finish these off next week.

Finally, today we had our school Eisteddfod to celebrate St Davids Day. You all looked amazing in your Welsh costume and red clothing for Wales. Our class sang a beautiful Welsh nursery rhyme called Caru Caru. They all sang amazingly and remembered all the actions. I have added a video of the performance to our Seasaw classroom. We also made a daffodil each to enter our arts and crafts competition. The winners from our class were, in 3rd place Rose, in 2nd Mila and in 1st place was Thomas B. Again, I have added a picture of the winners on to Seasaw.

You’ve all been working so hard and are doing so well Year 1. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, ready for another busy week next week.

Mr Hall and Ms Scott