Reception: Weekly round up!

We have had a quiet week in Reception this week, but it has still been a busy one!! We hope everyone is feeling better soon and can’t wait to have a full class again! 
We have been enjoying finding out more about sea animals including turtles. Our ‘under the sea’ corner is looking fantastic with all our art work. Next week we will be trying out some bubble painting to add to our display too! #enterprising, creative contributors. 
We have been busy recapping on our 2D and 3D shapes! Mrs. Phoenix has been very impressed!!#ambitious, capable learners. 
We have made some special treats ready for Sunday. We hope our Dads/Taids and special people enjoy them! 
 Next week we will be continuing to enjoy our topic by investigating floating and sinking. We will look at the best material to build a boat for our water tray. 
Today was a hot one but we kept cool playing in the sand and water trays. We also loved role playing in our ice cream shop! We ended the week, with our favourite Golden Time and ice pops as a reward for being such brilliant children. 
Have a brilliant weekend everyone. 
Mrs. Phoenix, Mrs. Broadhurst, Mrs. Evans, Miss Scott and Miss Jones 😎😎😎😎😎