Reception: Happy Half Term!

This term has really flown by and we have done so much!! We’ve enjoyed our Winter topic, bird watching and learning all about our school value of compassion. 
This week we have loved playing in our Caffi Cariad and preparing snack to have with our Nursery friends. We had a special time down in the hall visiting our Prayer stations, to explore compassion. We’ve made a class kindness tree and have been adding heart leaves every time we see someone do a kind deed! 💕💕💕 We’ve made cards, cakes and enjoyed stories and songs about love and kindness.
When we come back after half term, we will be learning all about Chinese New Year and the year of the Dragon. 🐉 
Have a wonderful half term everyone and a well deserved rest after working hard all term! 
Mrs. Phoenix, Mrs. Broadhurst, Mrs.Evans and Mrs. Edwards 😄😄😄😄