Nursery: weekly update

We have had another fun week in Nursery! We have been enjoying learning more about birds including their names…the robin is our favourite as we heard one singing very loudly on the school yard! We have been discussing how they make their nests, eggs, hatching and then the baby birds leaving the nest when they have grown feathers…….and eating worms too! We were very creative making our own birds and even used real feathers🐦. We made bird feeders and had fun playing games to help with counting, made patterns by putting coloured pegs in boards and have been threading to help develop fine motor skills. We got the trikes out this morning on the yard to make the most of the sunshine – it was lovely being out in the fresh air.
Next week, love is in the air as activities will have a valentine’s theme and we are celebrating our Compassion school value. We are going to be treated to a special snack to celebrate our value of compassion and will visit prayer stations in the hall too with this theme.

Have a super weekend
Mrs Golby, Mrs Cheetham and Mrs Edwards 😄