Year 5: week beginning 29 January

Pnawn da,
I have been so impressed with everyone’s work in Thema this week.  We have been focusing on choosing good wow words in our creative writing.  Everyone has worked so hard.  To continue our work on workhouses, we will be producing a newspaper front page.  
In maths, the focus will be finding the area of rectangles and squares.  We will be learning about Islam this week, including festivals, key figures and beliefs.  We will be sketching fruit in the style of Cezanne.  Most importantly, we will be preparing for our class assembly on Friday 2nd of February.  
P.E. will be on Wednesday and swimming on Thursday.  Reading books are due in on Tuesday.  I have given extra time for homework, which is to research Ruabon and  Wrexham in the Victorian times.  This is due in on Tuesday 20th February.
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Hodkinson, Mrs McCaffrey and Mrs Cheetham.