Year 4: Weekly Update

Clip Art: Starburst Superstar Color – Abcteach

Blwyddyn 4 have been superstars this week. They have persevered with tricky maths work on angles and now all have a good understanding of what an acute, right and obtuse angle look like. They have mastered using a protractor and are now able to look at an angle and know which type it is without having to measure. They have also been busy creating databases and plotting routes on a map.

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We will move onto learning about parallel and perpendicular lines in maths. In literacy we will be writing a character profile for Wilbur and in DT we will be planning a fair test to see which method of strengthening packaging is the most effective. We will also be adding our final piece of work from Year 4 to our digital portfolios. If you have any achievements at home that you have not added then please consider doing this for next week so that we can share them with each other.

Calcot Schools - Year 5

On Thursday Blwyddyn 4 will visit Mrs Hodkinson in Blwyddyn 5 for the day. As it is Values Day we will be celebrating our value Friendship. Mrs Hodkinson and Blwyddyn 4 will be thinking about what makes a good friend and then they will visit the prayer stations to think about our value of Friendship.

Physical Education (P.E.) : St James CofE Primary School, Wardle

PE days next week will return to Monday for outdoor PE and Friday for indoor PE so please remember o come to school in your kits. Friday will be gymnastics which can be done bare foot or in pumps.

Homework & Spelling Tasks | Blakedown Primary School

Homework this week is a word grid. How many words can you make with the letters provided? We will share the results in class and see who has managed to make to most correctly spelled words. Mrs Williams will also be having a go at this over the weekend, do you think you can find more words than she can?

Happy Weekend

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all next week.

Mrs Williams, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Probin