Year 4: Topic Launch

This morning a message for help popped up on our whiteboard. It left us some riddles and clues to try and solve. We noticed rabbit footprints outside the classroom and the clues said to follow them! We followed them down to the hall where we found lots of artefacts. We investigated all of the artefacts and decided that they were all to do with The Tudors or Alice in Wonderland.

Mrs Williams said that there must be a link between the two so we went back to the classroom to see what we could find out on the internet. We found that both topics focus on red and white roses and there was also a link between people saying ‘off with her head’

The footprints appeared again after break and they led us back to the hall where we found large letters that read ‘Off With Her Head’ we decided that this must be our new topic title.

Some of us weren’t too keen on the title so we used Pupil Power to come up with a different title to link The Tudors and Alice in Wonderland together. We also suggested some ideas for activities that we want to learn about. These included making potions, having a tea party, making food for a tea party and re-enacting a famous battle.

Photos of this mornings hunt will follow later on today.



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Mrs Stephanie Williams

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