Year 4: Kensuke’s Kingdom

This morning we have been doing activities linked to our new book. The pupils had to try and guess what the book was based on the activities that we did. 

First we worked in groups to go on a journey on a boat. We had to decide what to take with us on the journey. Along the way we hit a storm and had to get into the lifeboat. We had to discuss in our groups which of our belongings to keep and which to get rid of. By the time we reached our destination each group only had two of the ten items they chose left. Luckily everyone was happy with their choices.

Then we had to imagine that we were on a boat with our family in a storm. We used all that we learned last half term to make our writing descriptive and exciting. 

Nobody managed to correctly guess the book but we are all really looking forward to reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo this half term.