Year 3: Welcome Back/ Materials Request

Firstly, welcome back all.
I hope you all had a lovely couple of weeks off and are raring to come back to school! 
This week pupils will be making their Celtic Roundhouse sculptures
They have all already written up their design plan ready including what they will need and how they will make it. All that’s left to do is to actually make them.
School will be able to provide most of the equipment/ materials needed, e.g. tape, glue, paint to decorate, etc.
A lot of children have mentioned they need cardboard. While we have some, it’s unlikely we’ll have enough for all those who need it. If you have any cereal boxes going spare I’d be grateful if you could bring these in (within the next couple of days ideally) for pupils to use. 
If there is anything else pupils need which school don’t have I’ll ask them to let you know in-case you have it at home. If not, I’m sure pupils will happily adapt to use what materials/ equipment they do have.
Thank you very much,
Mr Steele