Year 3: Topic Launch

Good morning!
Today marked the start of our new topic: ‘Our Local Area’.
When Mr Steele arrived into school this morning, he received a letter from Mrs Humphreys. It looked like a very special letter and the children couldn’t wait to look inside it. Next to the letter was Dewi the Dragon.
The letter explained how Dewi had found the most amazing, beautiful place. There was however, not one but two problems!
The first…
-He didn’t know where this place was!
The second….
-The photos he took had fallen out of his backpack and were lost.
Pupils explored the school grounds, looking for Dewi’s lost photos. When we found them, we looked at them all and found out that Dewi was in the village of Ruabon.
He gave us the task of finding out more about this area.
We can’t wait!!
Mr Steele, Miss Powell, Y3, Dewi the Dragon 🙂