Year 3: Tasting Different Sandwiches – Please Read

As part of our healthy eating topic, pupils will soon be making a healthy sandwich!
We’ve done lots of work on the different food groups, with the idea that pupils’ sandwiches contain foods from many of these groups.
Later this week (Thursday/ Friday) we will be tasting different sandwiches.
These are…
-tuna and sweetcorn
-cheese and onions
-roast chicken salad
-egg and cress
Pupils will be encouraged to try all of the sandwiches but if they do not want to that’s completely fine.
By being aware of potentially new flavours/ flavour combinations, hopefully this will give them lots of ideas for their own sandwich!
On Friday pupils will decide what sandwich they will make and will take home a list of the ingredients they will need. I will also write down on their ingredients sheet what day they need to bring them in on (either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of next week). School will provide equipment such as a chopping board, child-friendly knife, etc although pupils may bring in their own equipment if they wish. If you are unable to get the ingredients you need, please speak with your child about a different sandwich you could make.

If you have any questions about this, please contact school by tomorrow lunchtime and I will be happy to help.

Mr Steele and Mrs Leighton