Year 3: Library Visits (INFO)

Good morning all!
Yesterday pupils were given a letter to take home about going to the library.
To clarify, pupils will go on an initial visit on Wed 22nd May and will continue going on a weekly basis until the end of July. This will always be on a Wednesday.
If pupils need a library card they’re to fill in the letter I have sent out and return this to school asap (thank you to those who have already done this). If you already have a library card pupils can either just tell me or return the form with their name and ‘ALREADY HAS CARD’ written on it (no need for their address, etc). 
On our initial visit pupils will more-than-likely take some books home with their card (please remember to bring yours if you already have one). They’re then welcome to return these for new books during subsequent visits.
 If Sports Day, currently down to take place on Wed 15th May, is rearranged to this day due to poor weather we will instead start going on the Wednesday after half-term.
Kind Regards,
Mr Steele