Year 2: Weekly Overview

Year 2 have worked incredibly hard this week! We started off the week being sentence detectives and trying to fix the sentences that were missing capital letters and full stops. In PE this week we had to collect numbers in our teams and the first team to get from 10 – 100 in 10s won! We saw lots of teamwork and counting going on.
We went back in time this week too and we looked at how cars have changed from the first car made to today. The children were brilliant at comparing them and spotted some great changes for example there we no cup holders in the old cars! 
Next week we will be looking at extending our sentences by using BOYS words (But Or Yet and So). We will be thinking of questions to ask a character from Wind in the Willows and on Friday we will be celebrating values day. 
The children have come home today with a Harvest poem please could you take some time to practise the highlighted sections with your child. We will then be recording our poem for you all to see. 
Please remember to come dressed appropriately for Muddy Monday on Monday (in warm, old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty).  Also please remember to return your book bags on Monday too.
Mrs Thomas, Mrs Williams and Mrs McCaffrey